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About Eddie Tar Projects

Eddie Tar Projects was founded by Mr. Edmore Takundwa ans registered as a close corporate in 2009. Its main focus is on road surfacing. As a business in the road surfacing industry, we have committed ourselves in providing a safe, affordable and professional service to our clients..


The principal business activities of Eddie Tar Projects are road surfacing with hot asphalt, chip and spray as well as slurry seal application. The company's head office is located in Southernwood in the Buffalo City Metro Municipality.

\As a business in the road surfacing industry, Eddie Tar Projects aims to maka a positive contribution to he economic development of South Africa and well being of the citizens by providing quality employment couple with a safe road for the general populace.

Mission Statement

To create an environment that is conducive to personal development for our employees to equip them to meet and exceed customer expectations. This will be doone through -

Keeping abreast with and embracing the technological advances to further quality workmanship.

Providing prompt and efficient customer service,

Measuring our progress and benchmarking ourselves against other reputable companies in the same industry


We demand excellence delivery on our promises and continuously search for new and better ways to provide the best solutions.

Our corporate culture is characterised by its ability to adapt quickly to our client's needs and requirements.

Satisfying the aspirations of our clients and employees, as well as upholding the integrity of our operational contracts.

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