Pallisade and precast fencing

We are manufacturers and suppliers of specialised palisade fencing, industrial, corporate, residential and galvanized palisade fences.

What are the benefits of a palisade fence?

  1. It is one of the most popular methods of fencing due to its affordability.
  2. Palisade fences offer a high level of perimeter security as intruders are unable to hide behind palisade fencing thus giving your property an unobscured view from almost any angle.
  3. Palisade panels have a versatile aesthetic appearance as they can be painted to fit in with any exterior colour scheme.
  4. They are one of the most difficult types of fencing to climb over or cut.
  5. Galvanized palisade fencing

We provide no cost quotations, honest advice and guarantee customer satisfaction on every project.

We also manufacture and install precast walls and precast concrete fences that provide excellent protection against natural disasters, vehicles, projectiles and security threats.

Precast concrete walls do not deteriorate, lose strength or experience creep and stress relaxation over time. Precast walls and fences are ideal for a peaceful and private lifestyle due to their height and density that keep noisy and nosey neighbours away.

Precast concrete walling is an ideal choice for commercial and residential construction. All our precast concrete walling and precast wall extensions are created under strict conditions and quality control measures to ensure that we give you the best precast walling solutions. Another advantage of selecting a precast concrete walling solution is that work can be completed in a short time meaning we will be out of your way before you know it.