Asphalt Surfacing

Well Equiped for the task

The company has sufficient equipment and suitably qualified and experienced personnel to handle more than one project simultaneously. For major projects in tar surfacing such as main roads, airport runways, industrial developments, freeway upgrades and similar, we have the technical know-how and expertise to manage and complete every aspect of the asphalt pavement.


Smart Partnerships

We are proudly South African striving to make real contributions through strong community and customer partnerships, pursuing excellence through quality and pursuing the principle of sustainable development. .

Asphalt is produced by mixing hot bitumen and aggregate. The asphalt is then transported to the site in specially insulated trucks


How its done

. The surface is laid and then compacted by a road roller. Once the fresh asphalt cools to ambient temperature, it becomes sturdy enough for traffic.

How is it applied? Contracts can be undertaken, varying in size from small areas which can be laid by hand to larger areas of several thousand square metres which are laid by paving machines.